The Older You Get, The Wiser Your Dad Gets

Between 1990 and 1996, I played chess with my father over 300 times. As I recall, I beat him about 13 times and we had about 9 stalemates. (Yes, that means he defeated me more than 278 times – no need to rub it in!)

Around 7.30hrs this morning, as I was prepping for church, I turned 31. Now, a couple of years ago, I heard Gordon Robertson from the Christian Broadcasting Network say on his birthday, “the older you get, the wiser your dad gets”. So I said to myself, how about I challenge Alvin Zulu I (hereinafter called The Dadster) to a chess match.

Wong Zulu Online, With A New Twist

I first went live sometime in February 2010 with a simple Web site that advertised what I do. It underwent one redesign in 2012, but with the way the Web evolves, my site quickly became obsolete. And of course I should know... I work in tech.

Against that backdrop, I would like to officially launch the new look Wong Zulu Online service. Since you’re reading this, you have successfully navigated to the Wong Zulu Online site, which shouldn’t have been so hard, because you could have simply Googled the words ‘intellectually-inspired solutions’ or indeed even just Wong Zulu to get here.


Ten Years, Four Job Applications, Four Job Interviews, Four Jobs (Part I)

Tomorrow I will be making a presentation to the president and CEO of the non-profit organisation I work for fulltime. If things go well, he'll be convinced to let us improve the ICT infrastructure in the 19 schools our organisation runs. I would like to talk about how I got to this point. Brace yourself... It's a story of grace, guts and geekiness.

I've been working fulltime for the last ten years. And in my entire life, I've only ever sent out four job applications, been called to four job interviews and been offered four jobs.