A list of initiatives I participate in, and companies and individuals I collaborate with or consult.

Initiatives and Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships, both formal and informal, have helped get me to where I am in the industry, and I believe collaboration is important moving forward. These are initiatives I have started or co-started, or indeed companies that I work with in some way or other.
Intellectual Expression
Intellectual Expression is an initiative that was born out of the need to improve the education system in Zambia. It intends to bring Zambian programmers and educators together to introduce a new way of thinking, promote intellect and, in turn, engender an intellectually-adept society. With the belief that the possibilities are infinite when technology, education and brains come together, this initiative was, in 2015, incorporated as a software development company building learning and teaching aids, as well as student portals for schools. At Intellectual Expression, the software speaks for itself, i.e. "Enough Said!" Visit the site here.
Goldlink Equities
"A single individual's resourcefulness cannot surpass the power of many. So, Pulling together achieves the critical mass more efficiently, making faster, sustainable growth more achievable and robust." That is what Goldlink Equities Ltd (GEL) is all about. I co-founded this multisectorial company with business professionals, educators and the Christian clergy, to foster wealth-creation by pooling resources and ideas together.
Visit the site here.
Werxe Engineering
WERXE Engineering Ltd service offerings are primarily focused on technology and general engineering consulting and business applications. WERXE Engineering Ltd collectively possesses extensive experience in the ICT and Engineering sector driven by quality assurance, customer satisfaction and innovation. This combination of intellect, experience and professional integrity creates a combination which can uniquely serve the organizational needs efficiently, effectively and expediently. Werxe Engineering and Intellectual Expression work closely together, making referrals between each other.
Pronto Services
Pronto Services is a technology company that delivers prompt, innovative mobile services that involve mobile devices repair, consultancy and supply, as well as mobile app development. Pronto also supplies mobile devices equipped with custom-made apps to meet the exact needs of the customer.
Swiftline Express Courier Services
Swiftline Express is a Zambian courier company with a wide coverage spanning nearly the whole country. Swiftline uses software developed by Wong Zulu Online and Intellectual Expression, and also does deliveries for both.

Collaborators and Consultants

With strengths in virtually all things IT, the guys I network with are able to provide you with scalable products and solutions. I consult or have consulted these people (who are essentially geeks because of the way they're wired) on a number of things, and if for some reason or other, you are unable to reach me, you can call on them for tech help. Now, because some of them think it's a bad thing to be referred to as a 'geek', let's just call them 'smart people'.
David Zulu Founder and Managing Director, Werxe Engineering
A veteran in the IT industry, David has built systems, managed IT departments, consulted for companies and organisations in many industries, and trained several established IT professionals. A Microsoft, Dell, HP and Cisco professional, he now runs Werxe Engineering, which offers IT, business and civil engineering solutions in Zambia, South Africa and Congo DR.
Emmanuel Kalenge Webmaster and IT Infrastructure Specialist, Zambia Daily Mail
Those who know Emmanuel well know him as Guru, and for good reason too. He started out as assistant IT instructor at Don Bosco Technical College, moved on to being network administrator at Spencon Polyphase (Z) Ltd, to being senior Web developer at ZAMNET Communication Systems, where he contributed several Web sites to the online world, before doing what he now does at Zambia Daily Mail. Notable skills in Web design, programming and networking make him one of the best in the game.
Katebe Mulenga Founder and Senior IT Consultant, K & P Business Solutions
A networking professional with proficiency in Windows Server, Linux and other platforms, Katebe founded KPBS in 2005 and in the last 10 years, it has grown to offer comprehensive IT solutions to corporates and individuals. KPBS also believes in education and, from 2005 to 2006, sponsored a computer skills training programme with Meaningful Life Establishment, to empower under-priviliged youth in Chingola's Mainteneke compound.
Emmanuel Chikoti Founder, Pronto Business Services
Emmanuel is all about mobile services, and delivering them to you pronto. He is the founder of Pronto Business Services, a technology company that aims to help you get done everything you need to do on time every time. When Emmanuel isn't overseeing mobile app development in the Pronto/Intellectual Expression partnership, he is watching Arsenal FC trying to win the English Premier League. Like Pronto's Facebook page here.
Moto Chisha ICT Specialist and HR Officer, World Wildlife Fund for Nature
In a previous incarnation, Moto was nicknamed Shockwave Flash because of his extraordinary Flash animation skills. These days, he manages IT systems fulltime at WWF, and consults for organisations and individuals such as you, in his spare time. An ICDL expert, Moto is qualified to provide ICDL/ECDL training and has provided such training to many corporates and individuals. But when he isn't doing all this geeky stuff, you can catch him pumping iron or presenting stuff on Rock FM radio.
Chiza Sofield Mkandawire Co-founder, ISSO Media
Chiza co-founded ISSO Media, a digital imaging and video production company, based in Lusaka. His graphics design skills have been recognised by many who have asked him to design logos and other kinds of artwork for them. Like the ISSO Media Facebook page here.

Isaac Sakala Jr. Co-founder, ISSO Media
ISSO Media co-founder and video production specialist, Isaac brings a new meaning to digital photography and video production. Besides video production, he enjoys watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory. Check out his work on the ISSO Media Facebook page.

William Musonda
William's role at ISSO Media encompasses video shooting and editing, as well as multimedia production. An IT geek at heart, William has strong software and Web development skills and can be counted on for works of an exceptional standard. He is also currently attached to New Government Complex in Lusaka, as IT officer, handling all helpdesk issues. Like his page on Facebook.
Alinani Simuchimba Founder & Mobile Web Developer, Flair Technologies
Alinani founded Flair Technologies, a software development company best known for their Web-based bus ticketing initiative, Tamanga Ticketing. He also works fulltime for the Electoral Commission of Zambia, where he builds software solutions for mobile devices.

Paul Sinyinda Graphics Designer, AdLab
Paul was made for graphics! Can't say much... That just about sums it up, or as we say at Intellectual Expression, "Enough Said!" By the way, he was the artist behind the concept of the Wong Zulu Online logo. Do check out more of his work here.