A list of service offerings: Web Development | Software Development | PC & Network Support | ICT Training & Coaching

Web Development Services: Making Your Online Presence Felt

In the information age, it is imperative that you disseminate information about your business or organisation in a quick and efficient manner.
I develop Web sites that help you communicate your company's ideas, sell your products and offer your services to a broad audience that you otherwise might not be able to reach.
Websites and Web Applications
If you are a modern business, you want to have a Web presence because there is no better way to tell the entire world about your products, services and skills than via the Internet.
If your company needs to carry out online transactions, the ideal solution is to have a database-driven or dynamic Web site. Be sure to give your customers and clients up-to-date information about your products, and the ability to buy those products online with database-driven Web sites.
Web Hosting
Before you make your online presence felt, you have to be online. Let me help you put your site online, and be assured of 99.9% uptime, making your online presence felt... permanently at the lowest rates in Zambia... guaranteed!
What's more, the cheapest hosting service plan allows you to have as many as 500 email accounts for your organisation (e.g.,, etc), databases for online transactions, and plenty more services which you can learn about by enquiring here.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
If you have a Web presence, it follows that Internet users should be able to locate you easily online. When your Web site is optimised for search engines, it is easily located by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
SEO is a whole new dimension to your marketing strategy, and I endeavour to push your site up the rankings so that when users search for you, they find you near the top of the Google search results... that way, your online presence is felt!

Software Development Services: Keeping Information Where it Belongs... At Your Fingertips!

Every modern business wants a way to manage its information in a way that is both efficient and cost effective. To this effect, I build custom software solutions to meet the unique needs of organisations, to help them enter, access and modify information quickly and securely, thus boosting productivity, lowering costs, and improving business processes overall.

Among the types of systems I build are Payroll Systems, Purchase Requisitioning and Tracking Systems, Asset Management Systems, Stock Control Systems, School Management Systems, Training Software, Project Management and Collaboration Tools, and Church Management Systems, on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Development of these systems is always preceded by a thorough analysis of your business processes to ensure that the solution actually meets your organisation's needs and is in line with the strategic objectives of your organisation, from both ICT and governance perspectives.
On-premises Installations: Server-based and Standalone
On-premises installations or deployments involve installation of the software on the client's computers. Because most of the solutions are server-based, due diligence is carried out to ensure that a functioning client-server network environment is set up that can run the solution without problems.
This setup is ideal for organisations that house their own servers. However, in cases where an organisation opts for an on-premises installation but does not have the necessary infrastructure, arrangements can be made to supply and install the infrastructure.
Cloud-hosted Applications
If your organisation does not have a server or a local area network in place, and does not have a budget allocation for the same, but still wants to deploy a computerised information system, a cloud-hosted application architecture is recommended.
Not only does it have no initial cost, but it allows access to the system from anywhere, provided an Internet connection is available. Find out more about cloud-hosted applications by enquiring here.
All deployments are accompanied by a service level agreement, but the client remains responsible for ensuring that all network infrastructure functions as per the requirements of the deployment, unless otherwise agreed.

PC Support: Giving Your PC the Health it Deserves

As I often said to my students back at Sacred Heart Convent School, "Treat your computer with love." Yes, your PC needs love and care. Feed it the right foods, and detox it regularly. Oh, and give it baths too. Not with Protex soap and water, but with a computer cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth. These are just some things you can do to make your computer feel loved and appreciated, making it serve you better. But more than ensuring that your PC is performing well, I help you set up your network and make sure all the devices on it get the benefit of being networked.
PC Support
My PC support services include repair and upgrade of computer systems running on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms.
Besides carrying out hardware repairs, I perform software applications support that includes system optimisation, malware (or virus, if you like) removals and general health checks to ensure that your PC is running as it ought to.
Network Support
My network support services include network design and implementation for local, metropolitan and wide area networks. This extends to further include setting up of Windows Servers, Exchange Servers and SQL Server database systems, which may overlap with information systems and applications support.
Working with my 'friends in the industry', I implement wireless and fibre solutions across disparate geographical locations and help set up and test local networks on both wireless and Ethernet technologies.

ICT Training & Coaching: Getting You Digitally Aware

This is the 21st century. You need to be digitally aware. There is no escaping that. Period.
I teach, train and coach IT at different levels: secondary school, college and professional. My ICT coaching service includes help for 12th Grade students doing Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) programming projects, college students doing programming, PC/ network support or Web design courses, and working class professionals wishing to improve their skills for work.
One-on-one Coaching
One-on-one coaching involves personalised training sessions to help students grasp problematic concepts in anything IT, including computer basics, use of productivity packages, programming, networking and Web design.
Class-based Instructor-led Training
Some organisations may need refresher courses for their staff in some productivity or office automation packages. I offer these as short courses in classroom setups. This kind of training can also be arranged for a group of students who need help tackling an aspect of a computing course.
Special NCC, IMIS & ECZ Coaching
Many Students of the UK National Computing Centre (NCC) often have trouble completing their coursework. Because I believe in a digitally-aware society, I offer free guidance to NCC L4 and L5 students doing their coursework, particularly those related to Object-Oriented Programming, Databases, Dynamic Websites and the Computing Project. This free, personalised, short-term coaching is also available to IMIS students doing programming courses in .NET languages and to ECZ Computer Studies students.
Wong Zulu Online will soon introduce an interactive NCC Guidance Programme in the Timeline and Stories section of this site.